Old Town Equity Committee

By Avery Ell, 2021 Bezos Scholar

1 min


Project Theme: Equity and Inclusion

Target Audience and Location: Old Town High School community in Old Town, Maine.

Mission: To provide our school community with safe spaces, education and resources that increase equity and inclusion for all.

Project Description: Scholar Avery Ell and educator Scholar Natalie Davis were clear from the start of their Scholar journey that they wanted to address inequity and increase inclusion within their small, tight-knit community. They started the Equity Committee and have fostered shared leadership and decision making to engage the club in identifying and deciding which issues they wanted to take action on.

This year, they aim to build more inclusive practices and an environment specific to sexual orientation and gender identity. Through advocacy and education, the committee set out to establish two gender-neutral bathrooms and change the longstanding tradition of graduation gowns being two gender-specific colors to one single color for everyone, regardless of gender. These proposed changes have fostered important dialogue in the school community that is slowly building a more informed, empathetic, compassionate, and inclusive way of communicating. Long term, the committee hopes that all students feel welcome, united and celebrated for who they truly are. Avery summed it up best when asked why she was so committed to this project, “Because all students deserve the right to equal access, resources, and opportunities in their learning environment.”

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