Application Advice from the '22 Bezos Scholars

For those planning to start an application, are working on one, or are helping a student apply, use these tips to complete a competitive Bezos Scholar application!

By Adriana Jackson

As Scholar hopefuls work on their application for the Bezos Scholars Program, a few 2022 Scholars want to share some advice and encouragement.

First up is student Scholar Eduardo Javier Acevedo, from Denver, Colorado whose Community Change Project is focused on supporting newly arrived English Language Learners at his school, shares some heartfelt encouragement.

Michael Clear, an educator Scholar from Dallas, Texas, supports his student Scholar with their Community Change Project focused on providing teens financial literacy. Michael shares a needed reminder, that you already have what it takes!

Nhaomi Lartey, a student Scholar from Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, whose Community Change Project is centered on college and career readiness for her fellow students, advises that applicants should showcase their “passion, creativity and spark for social justice.”

Finally, Taylor Alcantar-Campbell, Educardo‘s educator Scholar also from Denver, Colorado, offers a great reminder: ask for support!

We hope these Scholars’ words of advice and encouragement inspire you to continue working on completing your Bezos Scholar application. Need more? Check out our Application Guide full of helpful details and know you can always reach out to us directly at Thank you for challenging yourself to become the leaders we need. You got this!